Bob’s Songs


Ain’t Misbehavin
Ain’t She Sweet
Amelia Earhart
Bill Morgan
Black Diamonds
Chatanooga Choo
Clear Away in AM
Colony Days
Cool of the Day
Country Life
Devil & Farmer’s Wife
Dives & Lazarus
Drinking Gourd
Eggs & Marrowbone
Farewell to N.S.
Father Come Home
First of May
Flim a lim a lee
Forest Lawn
Four Nights Drunk
Frozen Logger
Garden Song
Gladys Ridge
Glendy Burke
Good Fish Chowder
Goodnight Irene
Gooey Duck
Grandfathers Clock
Henry Accountant
Herring Croon
Hills I Call Home
Hopalong Peter
Hound Dog
Hungry Hash House
Hvem Kan Saile
I can Hew
Isle Au Haut
Jamaica Farewell
Jet Plane
Jody (Yeah Yeah)
John Gordon
Keeper / Flasher
Lady Margaret
Lather & Shave
Leavin’ Home
Lectric Chair
Lovely Agnes
Marvellous Toy
May Song
Memphis Tennesee
Minstrel Show
Monday Morning
Monsters in the BR
More to be Pitied
Mr. Eneos
My Lady of Autumn
Nutting Girl
Over Again
Over Thick
Pastures of Plenty
Peace Song
People Are Scratchin
Poison Beer
Poor Elija
Poor Howard
Pop’s a Cop
Roseville Fair
Shepherd’s Song
Singer’s Request
Sloop John B.
So Long -Been Good
Sportsmen Arouse
Steamboat Bill
Streets of London
Streets of Sterlonger
Swallowed a Fly
Sweeny Todd
Tell Old Bill
Tellin Takes Me H
The Fit
The Schooner
This Land
Up against the Wind
(June Drucker)
Urge For Goin
Walker in the Snow
Wasn’t That a Time
White Collar Holler
Wild Rover


100 Years Ago
Black Ball Line
Blood Red Roses
Blow Boys Blow
Blow the Man Down
Bound 4Australia
Bull Dog
Bully In Alley
Dance Gal
Down Trinidad
Fire Down Below
General Taylor
Hangin’ Johnny
Hielan Laddie
Ho the Last One
Hoist Her Up fr Dn Blw
Jim Crow
London Juley
Long Summer Day
Long Time Ago
Noah’s Ark
Poor Little Liza
Pull Down Below
Randy Dandy
River of Gambia
Shallow Brown
South Australia
Stand to yer Gnd
Tally I O
Tom’s Gone to Hilo
Wild Goose


Boney was Warrior
Haul Away Joe
Haul on Bowline
Johnny Boker
Paddy Doyle
Sally Racket


Drunken Sailor
Nelson’s Blood


A Rovin’
Around Cape Horn
Away Rio
Down in Those Valleys
Down Trinidad
Fire Down Below
Heave Away Me John
Hilo, Johnny, Hilo
I Joined a Ship
Jan Rebek
John Cherokee
Johnny Come Dn Hilo
Leave Her Johnny
Paddy Lay Back
Ranzo Ray
Roll The Woodpile
Rollin’ Home
Santy Anna
Saucy Anna
L’Capt. St. Malo


Alabama Johnny Rook
Carrie Belle
Come Row the Boat
Aberlady Bay
Drinkin’ o th Wine
God Dawg my L. soul
Farewell, Dear Friends
Johnson Girls
Mobile Bay
Pay Me $ Down
Rollin’ & Flowin
Rowdy Soul
Sam Gone Away
Shawnee Town
The Titanic
Uncle Bud
The Dreg Song


3 Score & 10
Adieu Nancy
Allie Go Day
Amble Town
Ben Backstay
Blow Ye Winds
Boston Harbor
Brave Boys
Bungo Rye
Candlelight Fisherman
Cruisin’ Yarmouth
Deepwaterman, The
Donnely and the Goat
Five Gallon Jar
Get Up Jack, John
Ghostly Fishermen
Go to Sea No More
Go & List
Golden Vanity
Handsome Cabin Boy
Harp w/o Crown
Haul for me Grog
High Barbaree
Hoist yer Topsails
Johnny Todd
Landlord Fill
Leaky Ship
Litten Tunes
Liverpool Judies
Leaving of Liverpool
Nancy of Yarmouth
Nautical Life, The
(Ivar Hagluned, coll)
New York Girls
No Sir No
Old Mother Head’s
Paddy West
Pique La Baleine
Rollin’ Down Maui
Rose of Britain
Sailor’s A/B
Same Gone Away
Skipper Jan Rebek
Spanish Ladies
Be Handy (Trdmill)
Our Anchor is Up 2
Strike the Bell
Talcahuano Girls
The Baleena
The Bridget Ann
The Diamond
The Dutchman
The Mermaid
They All Love Jack
Tom Pepper
Where Am I to Go?
Wings of a Goney
Yarmouth Town
Whn R Ship comes H

Barrett’s Privateers
Blood on the Sails
Cape Horn Way
Chicken on a Raft
Farewell to Ireland
Fiddler’s Green
Final Trawl, The
Get Her Into Shore
Head for Home
Hé Ho Down Below
Ho Di Ho
Johnny Go Hungry
Lime Scurvey
Marching Inland
Marco Polo
Mary Ellen Carter
Old Red Duster, The
(John Archbold)
Old Zeb
Rollin’ Down the River
Sail Away
Seaman’s Hymn
Shanghai Passage
This Dreadful Life
(Kevin Brown)
That’s the Ticket
Wave Over Wave


1000s or More
Adnam’s Ale
All Along the Barley
All For me Grog
Barley Mow
Charlie Mopps
Don’t Bother to Knock
(frm Michael Kennedy)
Drink Round
Fat Man
Five Constipated Men
Four Nights Drunk
If Not for the Whisky
John Barleycorn
Landlord Fill
Martin Said
Master’s Health
Old Duncow
One Cold Frosty Night
Poison Beer
Poor Old Landlord
Rise Early
Rum By Gum
Shepherd’s Song
Shingling the
Three Jolly Lads
While We R Together


Apres ma journee fait
J’aime le vin
J’entends le moulin
Nous etions 3 capt.
Ramer donc
Sur le pont d’Avignon