Nothin’ But a Humbug

From Rees Baldwin, Barry Dock, Wales

Sources: The James Madison Carpenter Collection AFC 1972/001 Cylinder 037 05:25; Disc sides 079 02:14, 391 04:44, 392 00:09
MS pp. 00123, 09132 (verses 1-3, additional verses from other shanties and worksongs).

Rees Baldwin was an incredible singer. He sang wonderful, unusual songs for Carpenter and this is a fine example.

  1. You’re nothin’ but a humbug.
    So they say, so they say.
    You’re nothin’ but a humbug.
    That’s all I know!
  2. Catfish grow on a huckleberry vine.
    Catfish grow on a huckleberry vine.
  3. Dandy Jim from South Carolina,
    He’s come home to marry Dinah.
  4. Never seen the like since I been born,
    Sailor on the fife rail crackin’ out corn.
  5. One day the blackbird said to the crow
    Why do you love your farmer so?
  6. That’s my trade since Adam was born
    Scratchin’ and a diggin’ up the farmers corn.
  7. Said the blackbird to the crow
    Don’t tell those pretty girls all I know.
  8. High and dry we’ll hoist her high
    Hoist her high for a bulgine pie.
Lyrics from the recording: