Old Zeb

By Larry Kaplan, used by permission
  1. I’m not tired of the wind, I’m not weary of the sea
    But she’s probably had a bellyful of a damned old coot like me
    I’m goin’ ashore, she’s bound for better days
    But I’ll see her topsails flyin’ as I come down off the waves, ohChorus
    Rosie get my Sunday shoes, Gertie get my walkin’ cane
    We’ll take another walk to see old Alice sail again.
  2. Wish I had a nickel for the men I used to know
    Who could load three cords of lumber in a half an hour or so
    Who could put up sail by haulin’, ‘stead of donkeyin’ around
    Then I’d be the poorest coaster man, this side of Edgartown.
  3. Any fool can run an engine, it takes brains to work a sail
    Never seen no steamer make much good out of a gale
    You can go an pay your taxes on the rationed gas you get
    But at least to me, the wind is free and they haven’t run out yet.
  4. If I ever get back to her, you know I’d treat her just the same
    Jibe her when I want to, sail in the freezing rain
    Park old Alice on the beach and go dancin’ in the town
    ‘Cause a man who’s fit for hangin’ probably never will get drowned.
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