Peace Song

From Alameda Riddle

From Sing Out! Magazine (vol. 30 #2, 1984, p.62)

  1. Dear heavenly Father, so deign to hear us
    And order this warfare to cease
    Oh grant, gracious, Lord, the ushering in
    Of the dawn of a world-wide peace.Chorus
    Peace, peace
    Sweet dove of peace let your white wings encircle our whole globe
    Oh God, how I prayed
    And I still hope each day
    For the dawn of a world-wide peace.
  2. Grant that all nations may ground arms of war
    And make room in their hearts for peace
    Helping each other to heal and forgive
    That warfare and strife might cease.
  3. Ending the slaughter, of bloodthirsty rulers
    Of our husbands, fathers, daughters and our sons
    Oh grant that sweet rivers of peace may soon flow
    Where the blood of our own now runs.
  4. Turning their weapons of war into plowshares
    And sowing the battlefields in wheat
    Feeding the hungry of every nation
    And living at last in peace.
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