The Deepwaterman

  1. The anchor is down and the sails are furled,
    and the harbor gaskets passed.
    Lay down from aloft, clear up the deck,
    The voyage is finished at last.Chorus:
    The voyage is finished at last, my boys
    The voyage is finished at last.
  2. There are twenty crimps in twenty boats
    And the runners grasp my hand
    With a pat on the back and a drink of rum
    To freshen my nip for the land.
  3. I pack my dunnage and laugh and swear
    This voyage will be my last,
    I’ll find a girl and settle down
    Tied up to her snug and fast.
  4. Then over the side and into a boat
    With my old worn canvas bag.
    Runner and crimp, bend to your oars
    And I think of blonde haired Mag.
  5. Oh blonde-haired Mag of the voyage before,
    Her lips are scarlet red.
    Will she be there waiting on the quay
    A tossing her wanton head.
  6. Oh Cock-eyed Pete keeps a right good house
    And his mistress tends the bar
    Stretch to your oars, runner and crimp,
    You’re pulling a thirsty tar.
  7. Come bear a hand for that festive house
    Where the amber schooners foam,
    And the lights of love drink wine of life
    When deepwatermen come home.
  8. Oh blonde-haired Mag is dead and gone,
    But laughing Liz I have found,
    While my payday lasts there’s wine and love
    Tomorrow I’m outward bound.
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