Music Work Week at Camp Bement

Welcome to some memories of Camp Bement in Charlton, Massachusetts back in the late 1970s. Music Work Week was a wonderful experience for me – and if you’ve come to this page, perhaps for you, too. I’ve digitized a few recordings from those years – other than the titles I can’t recall who sang, who played or much else except that I had a lot of fun. Feel free to email me with any information about the shows or people or just to say “Hello”. Hope you enjoy them!

From “Androcles and the Lion” (1977?)


Hey, Lavinia

Oh, Poor Spintho

Be Strong

From “Circus” (1978?)

King of Love

Magic To Do

From “Pilgrim’s Progress” (1979?)
Jersey Cow

Get Out

Strange World

Hungry People

Fat City

Strange World (reprise)