Programs for Schools

Artist-in-Residence - Assemblies 

There is nothing like dancing together to build community and a residency with Bob Walser does just that. Presenting age-appropriate repertoire that celebrates the multicultural heritage of American traditional dance, Bob can build repertoire over several days to culminate in an all-ages barn dance where parents and student connect with each other and with history. Live music from local folk musicians often adds to the fun.

For smaller budgets Bob has assembly or lyceum programs appropriate for younger or older elementary students. Celebrating the cultural diversity that enriches our heritage Bob performs with multiple folk instruments and age-appropriate repertoire. For older students a program of Sea Shanties and Sailors songs illustrated with historic images and participation in some real hauling is another option. (200 students maximum per show).

"Best assembly I've ever seen . . . even better than the squirming reptiles!"
                            - 4th grade teacher, San Carlos, California

Bob Walser teaching dance