Hé, Ho Down Below

Words:  © 1995 Marian Woestenburg; Music: © 1995 Ger Lamerus

From the group Drifhout (Driftwood) from the island of Vlieland in the Netherlands.

  1. Hear me out you sailor man
    Try to listen if you can
    Have you ever wondered noe
    What makes this lady go?Chorus:
    Hé, ho down below
    Dust and coal, dust and coal
    Hé, ho down below
    Our ship got to go.
  2. Deep down in this lady’s womb
    The poor sods of the engine room
    Working in this flaming Hell,
    Our ship has got to go!
  3. The sun will never shine down there
    We never breath the salty air
    We never feel the wind that blows
    Our ship has got to go!
  4. And when we are going for the worst
    The first mate he will swear and curse
    And we will always get the blame
    Our ship has got to go!
  5. Although we never seen a soul
    Better than being on the dole
    God let me sail until I’m old
    Our ship has got to go!
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