Allie Go Day

From John Ferries (Gerries), South Shields, England

Sources: The James Madison Carpenter Collection AFC 1972/001 Cylinder 039 00:00; Disc sides 084 00:00, 395 01:48; MS p. 03300-1

  1. As I went out one morning on the road to Clarence Dock
    I spied an Irish sailor conversing with Tapscott
    Good morning, Mister Tapscott, good morning, sir, said he
    Have you got any ships bound for New York in the state of Amerikee?

    To me allie-go, allie-go, allie-go-day
    Lay me down ichigo, Mrs. McGay
    Lay me down ichigo, Mrs. McCooligan
    Johnny go, whoo
    Fire away Fagan and bully for you.
  2. Oh it’s yes, me bold sailor, why I’ve got a ship or two
    I’ve got the Johnny Walker, likewise the Kangaroo
    I’ve got the Johnny Walker and tomorrow she sets sail
    In all of the provisions we’ve put aboard there’s a bucket of yaller male.
  3. So it’s bad luck to the Josie Walker and the day that she set sail
    The sailors got drunk, they broke open me trunk, and they stole me yaller male
    I went and told the chief mate, says he, you go to Hell
    You son of a bitch, you’ve got the itch, and I know it very well.
  4. Oh now we’re landed in New York and workin’ in a canal
    Go home in one of your packet ships, oh no, I never shall
    I’ll go home on one of the White Star boats that goes by steam and sail
    With plenty of good American hash and plenty of yaller male.
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