The Bridget Ann

From Charles Snellen, Marblehead, Massachusetts

Sources: The James Madison Carpenter Collection AFC 1072/001 MS p. 09180; Carpenter, James Madison. Forecastle Songs and Chanties. PhD Thesis, Harvard University, 1928 pp. 185-186.

  1. We were sitting in the parlor
    Thinking over every plan
    When in came Palmer in a hurry
    To ship us on the Bridget Ann.chorus
    Chitty sehlong, shelong, shelah
    Hilo, chitty shelong, shelah.
  2. We went down to see the skipper
    And finding him a nice young man
    We told him we could go a-fishing
    If he’d ship us on the Ann.
  3. If you want to go a-fishing
    Do your duty like a man
    Oil down the shrouds and rigging
    All on the board the Bridget Ann.
  4. Here’s the tar, now take the bucket
    Rub it in on every strand
    You will stand upon the rigging
    All on board the Bridget Ann.
  5. When we left old Cape Ann harbor
    Plenty tobacco we had on hand
    When we reached the gut of Canso
    Narry a chew on the Bridget Ann.
  6. We stopped awhile in the Gut of Canso
    There lived the skipper’s Doxy Ann
    Clear away, boys, get everything ready
    To lower a boat from the Bridget Ann.
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