Tiger Bay

From John Ferries (Gerries), South Shields, England

Sources: The James Madison Carpenter Collection AFC 1972/001 Cylinder 040 03:44; Disc sides 086 01:58, 087 00:00, 397 02:14; MS p. 00428, 09030

  1. It was of the year of eighty two and I think on March on the twentieth day
    So I thought I’d have a little cruise from the Well Street Home down down Tiger Bay
    I had not long been long at sea when I was met by a pretty maid
    She’d eyes of blue and wash very well dressed and around her neck a tartan plaid.
    Whack fol the lu-ra-la-lu-ra li-do Whack fol-the lu-ra-lu ra lie
    Whack for the lu-la-the lu-ra-li-do the pilots down to Tiger Bay.
  2. Now when we set sail it of was the hour of ten at night
    And we never tauted a tack nor a sheet till we got to the house of Mother Wright
    And I was shown a cozy room and I resolved to a stop next day
    I gave her ten bob for me harbor dues and she piloted me down to Tiger Bay
  3. Now in the mornig I awoke and I found my self in the golden grounds
    And I didn’t think I’d let her go from until that day I’d spent ten pounds
    Says I to meself This ‘ll never do I’ll quit this barque by without delay
    So I made a tack for the she Well Street Home from the rocks and shoals of Tiger Bay.
  4. Now when I arrived at the Well Street Home from I met my chum in the smoking room
    For he yells out, Jack, where have you been? You seem to be in a ballast trim
    I hung my head not a word did say but I got another ship that day
    and if ever I a get for to London again I’ll the have a good cruise in Tiger Bay.
  5. Now all young men of this room I just got a the word to say
    Now whenever you meet a pretty little girl the lead her gently on the way
    For many’s the ups and downs in the world and many’s the pretty girl on the highway
    But the prettiest one that e’er I met was me pilot down to Tiger Bay.
  6. Now when all young girls of this room I’ve only got a word to say
    Oh whenever you meet a sailor hard up Oh give ’em a leg up by the way
    For if you do you’ll never the rue, for Jack ‘ll have money some other day
    And he’ll pay you back when he hoists his jack for a pilot down to Tiger Bay.
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