Haul Away Rosy

From Rees Baldwin, Barry Dock, Wales

Sources: The James Madison Carpenter Collection AFC 1972/001 Cylinder 037 04:27; Disc sides 079 01:23, 391 03:58, 0392 00:00 ; MS p. 03521

I supplied verse 4-7.

  1. Haul Away Jenny come down below
    Haul away Rosy, Rosy haul
    Oh down below
    Haul, haul away
  2. Haul away oh down below
    Roll the cotton down
  3. Shake her up from down below
    Oh down below
  4. Oh Bully John from Baltimore
    He’ll knock ya down and leave ya sore
  5. I wish I was in Baltimore
    Dancing on the sandy floor
  6. The Baltimore girls they are so fine
    Drink only whiskey won’t touch wine
  7. The Baltimore girls I love ‘em all
    Tall and short, big and small
  8. I thought I head some wild goose say (bis)
  9. One more pull and then belay (bis)
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