Poor Little Liza

From J.S. Scott, London, England

Sources: The James Madison Carpenter Collection, AFC 1972/001 Cylinder 041 08:47; Disc sides 088 04:11, 399 02:12; MS p. 09019

Verses 1 and 4 are from Scott. Additional verses from Stan Hugill’s Shanties from the Seven Seas.

  1. Oh I’m going up to London, I’ll marry little Liza
    Oh Liza is a pretty gal, and everybody knows it!
  2. My Liza she’s a lady, you’d never call her shady
    But Liza she’s a flash one, she loves a salty sailor.
  3. As she went down to market, she met a handsome sailor,
    She met a handsome sailor, just paid off from a whaler.
  4. Said pretty boy to Liza, why don’t you two get married?
  5. But now he’s gone and left her, that man who was her keeper.
    He’s gone north in a whaler, just like any sailor.
  6. Still she loves all sailors, she brings ‘em rum and ‘baccy
    Still she loves all sailors, she loves ‘em right handy.
  7. I’ll see her boys tomorrow and oh, we’re gonna holler.
    I’ll see her boys tomorrow, and you know what’ll follow.
  8. We’ll haul and stretch her luff boys, the bastard’s gettin’ tough boys.
    Haul and pull together, let’s haul for better weather.
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