Tally I O

From James Wright, Leith, Scotland

Sources: The James Madison Carpenter Collection AFC 1972/001 Cylinder 052 08:40; Disc sides 112 03:23, 112A 02:02, 420 02:05; MS p. 03579

Verses 1 to 3 and 10 are from James Wright. Verses 4 and 5 are from Cecil Sharp’s English Folk Chanteys where they are attributed to Mr. Rapsey of Bridgewater. Verses 6-9 are from Stan Hugill’s Shanties From the Seven Seas where they are attributed to Tobago Smith, one of Hugill’s Carribean singers.

  1. Tally I O was a jolly old soul
    Tally I O, Tally I O
    There was Tally I O was a jolly old soul
    Sing Tally I O you know.
  2. What shall I do with a long tally ho?
  3. We’ll take him a shore and we’ll give him a run.
  4. Oh now you forbid us to bid you adieu.
  5. We’re homeward bound to Bristol Town.
  6. Oh old Sally Rackett of Kingston town
    I spent quite a packet on her new silk gown.
  7. We loaded our packet with sugar an rum
    Goodbye to Jamaicy its galls and its sun.
  8. We’re bound to the nor’ard to the ice and the snow
    We’re bound to the nor’rard O Lord let ‘er go.
  9. And when we gets back to ol Bristol town
    Tis there we will drink and sorrow soon drown.
  10. Tally I O was a damned old screw.
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