Donnelly and the Goat

From George Simpson, Dundee, Scotland

Sources: The James Madison Carpenter Collection AFC 1972/001 Cylinder 077 03:53; Disc sides 159 03:29; 160 00:00; MS p 00377.

I supplied the last verse.

  1. Come all you seamen bold of every clime
    Pay attention to this song of mine
    Daniel Donnelly was our hero’s name
    In the packet ship New World of Fame
    A sailorman of courage bold
    He did prove himself so I’ve been told
    Many the tar that night afloat
    remembers how Donnelly hung the goat.
  2. From information I’ve received
    They had a goat on board, I believe
    As we were sailing on the sea
    In the coil of the halyards the goat lay asleep
    Donnally at the halyards he stood by
    When loudly the chief mate he did cry,
    Let go your halyards, and up they flew
    Hell to me soul an the goat wint too.
  3. The poor goat felt an awful shock
    When its paw got jammed in the halyard block
    Only Donnelly went to see
    What kept the rope from running free
    He grabbed the poor goat by the paw
    And across’t his knife did quickly draw
    The poor goat fell down the deck
    And damn near broke Spud Murphy’s neck.
  4. The poor old goat on the deck did lay
    And our captain to our cook did say
    Go fetch the beast without delay
    For I fancy some goat stew today
    Our captain being both stout and true
    He shared the smell with all the crew
    We’ll ne’er forget that night afloat
    When Daniel Donnelly hung the goat.
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